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High-quality footage will get the best click- social networks. How to come up with ideas at work The job of a creator isn’t like coming up with ideas like you usually do you’re walking or running a business and you have an epiphany. When invention is a job with deadlines requirements and its the workflow can seem serious. Therefore the question of how to come up with ideas on a regular basis nes to be consider comprehensively. An exceptional approach to solving problems and creating breakthrough ideas using creative techniques. There are hundrs of them just consider the most popular Brainstorm Participants.

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Express as many problem-solving options Night Clubs Bars Email Lis as possible.  and unattainable. From all the propos ideas select the most successful one. Reverse Brainstorming This method is similar to the previous one but the participants have a different task come up with the worst and most inappropriate ideas. This way you can find new ways to solve problems and notice important details. Association method For concepts that can describe tasks you ne to find different associations or combine different concepts. You can draw a mind map with associations or use visual associations using services such as or pictures. Creative Problem Solving Theory It is a set of tools and methods us to improve the creative process.

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It was creat in the USSR and is now popular America Email again entire courses are devot to available on free platforms such as Open ucation How to Evaluate Ideas To evaluate an idea it is not enough to use your own feelings you ne to test it against Novelty Has anything like this happen before Perhaps the same idea has been implement but using other tools e.g. the campaign has mov from outdoor to digital. Is the key message of the clear campaign easy to read Ideas that fit marketing goals solve specific problems draw attention to certain product features increase awareness etc. Make sure your idea solves the problem at hand. Possibility of implementation Is it possible to turn this idea into reality and most importantly is there.

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