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Away from us But points in the minds of consumers. for the competitiveness of the business BMW_Symbolic Positioning Source: An example of the Dior brand and its symbolic positioning. Dior Source: Experiential Positioning Emphasizes the emotional connection between brands and consumers. Presentation of products or services through the five senses or sensory image to connect good experiences of consumers, such as airline brands. coffee shop brand A clear example of the Starbucks coffee brand in creating sensory images for all senses. Always create a good experience for those who use the service.

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Which is not only the quality but also the importance Italy Email Database of service, attentiveness and friendship and friendliness with customers Examples of StarbucksThe modern era is so fast that many businesses Not in time to lay down the foundation of the business and analyze it in all aspects. making it unsuccessful in terms of business direction clear target audience and differentiation of the business compar to competitors If it’s not clear from the start, it’s hard to be successful in business. And one of the strategies often us is STP, which can identify the markets with the best potential for value creation. with the most accurate target audience.

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In various types of marketing activities, applying the STP Strategy to determine the direction of the business can help you see the direction of the business America Email clearly, consisting of Segmentation Marketing segmentation Targeting Choosing a target group Positioning Positioning or standing of the business (brand) Segmentation can be divid from demography (Demographic) such as gender, age, income, status, religion, occupation Geography (Geographic) such as continents, provinces, suburbs, cities or regions. Psychological, such as personality, culture, preferences, lifestyle Behavioral, such as purchase frequency.

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