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Brand Andn all channels to achieve the most efficiency for our customers. It is an overview analysis within the organization. From vision, strategy, capabilities, product line, technology, culture and purpose. It helps us to understand and identify the problems that exist within the organization. Customers _We’ve all heard that marketing teams are teams that generate leads through different channels. To open the way for the sales team to close the sale, right? So how do we know what the lead generation process is to close a sale? Marketing Funnel is the big picture of that answer. Marketing Funnel is a reflection of marketing and sales.

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To understand the process of changing target Albania Email List customers Become a real customer. Marketing Funnel will allow us to see the perspective of both marketing and sales more clearly. From generating leads (Lead Generation) or creating Leads to closing sales (Sales), what are the steps? Let’s go see it. Creating awareness (Awareness) This is the most important step. If consumers cannot recognize the existence of a brand or product then It’s hard to find opportunities to make money. By communicating through various communication channels such as online, offline, social mia, television, various public relations Mia that can be done by writing blogs to ucate making infographics.

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Interest _ When awareness has been America Email successfully creat to a certain extent Consumers become interest in our brand or products. and useful information Marketers can communicate to consumers by creating specific types of content through email, line, and messaging. making a newsletter Consideration _ when entering the consideration stage Consumer groups will immiately turn into target customers. Marketers can send more information about the product via email. by presenting useful information or various promotions through marketing campaigns, case studies, or free trials Intent _ It is the beginning of the sales process.

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