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That make it easier for people to understand and remember more information. Many people grew up with manga as their primary form of entertainment so the typical Japanese consumer is more likely to read ads featuring manga. What is most important to Japanese consumers Trust is low. According to elman’s annual survey among countries Japan has the lowest trust in business organizations and the mia ranking 1st and 2nd.  show that information verification activity is particularly high in Japan where search engines are the most reliable source of information. Therefore businesses should not expect most Japanese consumers to take marketing messages at face value. Most likely the customer will check the information.

Results from the same study also

On the Internet. Email popularity is high. than South Korea Phone Number List other countries. A Japanese-style email format was creat specifically for Japanese mobile phones. Research shows that Japanese subscribers want to receive news about products and special offers. Therefore email marketing remains a powerful tool in Japan. High quality standards and service expectations. The Japanese are consider the customers with the highest quality requirements. The explanation for this is that quality evaluation is not limit to products but also includes services in the sales process as well as after-sales services. In addition Japanese consumers value brand information service delivery packaging and advertising as key factors in evaluating quality.

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Japan spends more time on e-mail

An making purchasing decisions. not to get America Email lost in translation. of the population speak only Japanese. Therefore translating your company website and social mia posts is essential to effectively communicate your brand message. Japanese localization can take longer involve more steps and be more expensive than other languages. However with proper preparation and an understanding of the basics problems can be avoid. People have high expectations for quality. The standard requirement is that there are no errors Japanese.

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