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Call to action at the end of your letter. QR Codes QR codes are a very convenient and affordable tool but many people underestimate it.  partially offline please leave a QR code and call to subscribe yours. Put the code somewhere prominent on the box on the packaging even on a pole in case someone is interest Don’t forget about customer perks like discounts for new subscribers or regular promo codes in your channel. People like profit and free so give them a barter. How to Find QR Codes in Analytics How to Use Statistics and Analyze Store Sales Job Share If you sell products on google then you definitely ne to track statistics and analyze.

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Charts in order to know which products are Albania Phone Number List selling best research sales dynamics Avoid unplann costs and replenish balances in a timely manner.  Seller Analytics tab you can see the following topics Charts Inventory Search Clusters External Traffic Reports Charts In the Charts tab you will see the following charts It is one of the main analysis tools of . You can select a specific time period or date and view the number of items order return or cancel by quantity order amount  category inventory type and more.

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Seller Analytics In the Analytics

There are tabs at the top Analysis is generic.  on impressions orders add-to-cart conversion rates and other numbers. Analysis by cluster means America Email analysis by delivery zone. Which warehouse the goods are shipp from and which cities the customer is locat in. You can click on any cluster below and it will be display on the graph. There are also settings and classifications by cluster and indicator Settings button. On the right you will see a compare button. Here is a comparison of metrics. To activate Compare mode hover over the desir column header and click Compare. For example Comparing the Order Items and Position metrics in Search and Category can show.

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