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Course Google is still the dominant search engine but social networks do something quite an account. Insert the name of the channel or link in the search you choose the time period you want to study and download. You will have access to a large number of statistics Data and specific figures sort by likes comments views date.  note the general statistics for the select period. Statistics How to view data for any page Social sharing Statistics How to view any page or group data We figure out how to see stats for any community even if you don’t have access to it personal pages only your own what that data means and how to make a report.

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In under two minutes. they think it is Manufacturing Email List and you’ll be delight to be surpris. What does the metric mean in statistics let’s start with the these are the basics of mia planning Impressions are the total number of impressions for your post. This counts all pageviews i.e. a user record A lot. Reach is what has seen your content. Reach simply evaluates unique users. Now how many people have you reach. We already cover content in another article. Also statistics provide four types of reach Information Total coverage is the total number of all users cover the sum of the three parameters list below. Subscriber Coverage The number of households. Virality refers to the number of users who saw the material even.

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Though they did not subscribe to the America Email community for example they saw a retweet on a friend’s page or receiv the post in a private message. Ad Reach Users reach through paid promotions. How to view the statistics of the community There are two convenient ways to view the statistics of the page information own simple account; using the analysis service in the social network own page and other people’s pages have the same statistics so we Agree that we will tell you everything immiately. The latest figures can be obtain directly on the community page book.

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