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Auctions on  and  are conduct according to a formula. Some advertisers pay for impressions and others for clicks. But they all claim the same ad space so they compete with each other. For competition convert the rate to a single metric. When paying for impressions. That is your bid in the auction is equal to your bid for this impression. When pay-per-click is calculat as . Clickthrough rate affects your final cost-per-click bid. When the click-through rate is high the suggest bid will decrease and when the click-through rate is low the suggest bid will increase. Click-through rate is also affect by the attractiveness of the ad to the audience will worsen.

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The bottom line your bids will go up and you’ll Ivory Coast Phone Number List be can afford. In addition the segmentation of the target audience helps to personalize the offer capture the user’s interest taking into account what you know about them. Write a more conservative ad for an adult audience mentioning your target audience’s hobbies in your creative. Selecting the Segmentation option The previous point might make you think if the target audience is segment so well let’s narrow down the marketing campaign as much as possible. But it’s a bad idea. Segmentation that is too narrow is call oversegmentation there is no replacement for this phenomenon in Russian yet. The main consequences of over-segmentation are.

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Inconvenience in campaign management America Email All running activities ne to be analyz and optimiz. If there is too much activity the process will take a long time. This means that fast optimization is not possible and efficiency suffers.  audiences quickly end up showing ads to your entire collect database getting applications from users interest in the offer and you have to find new niches. What takes a lot of time search launch test optimize conclude. When searching for new segments the overall results will drop plus in testing you can blow up your budget with fail assumptions. Therefore the target audience should not be too narrow. Target Audience.

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