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Posts bas on the text they contain.  text characters Long text more than characters Above audiences are most active on short posts. Interestingly the share of activity record in the mium and long term is equal. The average activity on the website depends on the length of the text in the post and the annual data is dominat by mium-siz posts. Long posts came in second in terms of the amount of activity they receiv while short texts prov to be the least engaging on the site. Average activity bas on the length of text in a post has the most activity on short posts and the least on long posts. Long SMS Lead All active ones are receiv by them. Mium-siz posts account for the most activity while short posts attract the least number.

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Of users Long texts are also leading on  the Civic and Social Association Email List bottom in terms of activity  . The average activity on the website article contains multiple items it is count as a separate unit for each content type. Posts with photos receiv the most reactions. Posts with videos and links have lower engagement. Audience activity in posts with different types of content 2019 data on  posts with videos are at the top and posts with links have the lowest engagement. Over the past year the gap between video publications and publications in other formats has narrow significantly. Audience activity among posts of different content types Posts with links receiv the lowest number of reactions in . Here text dominates the documentation and photos beat.

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Video in terms of engagement.  types of America Email content in  posts with links get the most engagement and photos perform significantly better than videos. Audience activity in posts with different types of content on Twitter has the highest engagement for posts with photos and the lowest for posts with links. In  posts with videos get the most engagement while posts with photos rank last slightly behind those with text. Posts with links lead on Facebook and posts with videos get the least engagement. On average posts that includ photos had the highest engagement across all sites. Last in line is video.

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