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Environment (E) such as climate. Seasonal changes, global conditions, environmental regulations and policies, NGO groups, etc. Legal (L) Legal factors that affect and business opportunities, such as consumer protection laws. copyright law Health and Safety Laws labor protection law, etc. mer who have receiv good experiences and memories from that brand Until repeat purchases and finally until the spread of the word to others to know Become a sponsor of that brand by default. As a brand itself, it is necessary to maintain the quality of products and services to meet standards.

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A always create a good experience so as not to let Bahamas Email List customers change their minds to find competitors The fifth phase of customer touchpoints is keeping our brand in mind, repeat purchases, and word of mouth. The A marketing strategy will help marketers better understand the digital consumer. And let brands know how to plan each step.of the customer journey will help you better understand your customers. And will help ruce costs and increase sales. It will also help us build stronger relationships with our customers more efficiently.

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Company This equation shows that the America Email same type of product that doesn’t have much direct competition And there is no clear difference in the product. Customers have a choice of either our company or our competitors. The company must present a unique selling point that is different from competitors. In order to make customers choose us as the number one And come back to use our products continuously, such as in the Nike and Adidas sports shoes market and in the black drink market like Pepsi and Coke. Customer = Competitor Competitor Competitor or our company The last equation will occur with mass market products.

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