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Now you just ne to set one set of parameters and the system will automatically select the sites to post to bas on your budget. You can exclude communities that are not suitable for you but you cannot add new communities. This limitation can be bypass. If you want to be plac in a specific community and you’re sure it’s on an exchange . Try to define a theme. Sometimes the topic of the community is not obvious and it is best to find out from the owner through private messages. When searching on marketplace platforms set a larger budget so that you reach exactly the desir public. Input data topic number of subscribers.

See community subscriber count

The public you want should appear in the list Malta Phone Number List of communities.  and submit your application. Or use an extension that automatically selects community search parameters. Advertising Campaign Results Analysis When using any tool the results of the analysis are important. In addition to the built-in statistics reports can also be collect in a format convenient for you for example in . Compare the effectiveness of different tools with each other Target versus group ads ads on and ads on . Advertising campaign analysis rules focus on target indicators If you’re driving traffic to your website evaluate the volume cost and quality of that traffic.

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Delete the remaining suggest communities

In this case other metrics reach impressions America Email etc. t data for analysis don’t start analysis right away and wait until you get enough results average per target action. Analyze data from yesterday. Statistics for most instruments although perform in real time still provide data with a slight delay. Therefore it is better to collect objective metrics hours after the end of the analysis period for example from morning to yesterday. Useful relat articles Years of Russian Social Mia Audience Social Sharing Audience of the most popular social networks.

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