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Create vertical or square videos for mobile sources.  suggestion is  and the ratio of the fe itself is . Try different formats Try combining different videos and formats. You can create entirely new campaign formats. For example McDonald’s in Malaysia. Try the video format of and mainly find that the video of and is not the same as the video made for TV. They’re faster and more dynamic analysis on and above confirms this.

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Users pay less attention to videos on social Tour Operators, Travel Agencies Email List mia and a key message at the beginning of the video. Mobile formats require a special approach. Users certainly don’t turn their phones over to watch videos. Don’t overdo it with video formats. Surprise your audience with new plots and mechanics. Useful relat articles How to write great headlines on Facebook A detail guide; Post a video on Facebook A feature that few people know about Social sharing How to use An overview of features that few people know Our users know can analyze social mia account. We know some features are rarely us because they don’t understand them.

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We collect the features of the service in America Email one material but few people know about it. Summary analysis of the text the select time period. The service counts which words are more common in posts and provides statistics which words are us more often in posts which words have more engagement To start summarizing text click the button above the ribbon to proce in Text Analysis Exclusion Filters When analyzing posts you can hide certain types of posts with video with photo with link etc. To do this double click on the filter. Ways to hide certain types of records while parsing Save selections for quick analysis Create your own collections of.

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