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Your customers will be. Your solution can make your partner’s product or service more profitable. or landing sales will be even better. Examples of business categories include IBM, SAP, Caterpillar, Oracle, Cisco, Microsoft, Google Cloud, Amazon, and more. The next category is B C (Business-to-Customer). It is selling products directly to consumers. This type of business we always see in our daily lives. because it focuses on advertising constant marketing activities Mostly FMCG brands, clothing, cosmetics, food, any business or brand that sells B C must maintain a good relationship with customers. to make sure they come back and buy again.

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Unlike B B, whose marketing campaigns demonstrate Anguilla Email List the value of a product or service, B C must elicit customer emotional responses. Nowadays, it is the era of creating a sense of emotional communion. We will see a fiercely competitive market in this business. and will spend a lot of money on advertising creative marketing activities and is no longer limit to stores because it is the era of online We will see more communication and sales channels online. Examples of business types include McDonald’s, KFC, Pepsi, Coke, various retail businesses.

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Another type that we are starting to see America Email more and more is C B (Customer-to-Business), a business model where users or consumers create products or services. To give business processes a competitive advantage, C B methods have evolv from the growth of mia and consumer-generat content such as websites, blogs, podcasts, videos and social networks . The C B model provides consumers with opportunities. Businesses or brands advertise. or promote their products through websites, blogs, podcasts, or consumer-generat videos. or even reviews of different types of products exchange.

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