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Segmentation Criteria Let’s analyze the parameters by which you can segment your audience in target advertising. Socio-demographic characteristics Ground age Family status Presence of children; Income level ucation Occupation Field of activity. Geography City size of cities in a country    million population. Interests In social networking the main and foremost factor for segmentation is the interests of the target audience. You can identify them in different ways through settings in your advertising account     through subscriptions and activity in communities    etc. Alternatively you may use the Services to analyze the interests of your target audience in content. Segmenting your target audience by interest depends on the technical capabilities of the.

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Platform you use and the specifics of your Jamaica Phone Number List project. We offer two ways to segment the target audience bas on their interests Abstract the cabinet and case settings from the audience and outline the interests of potential buyers. find these criteria through your ad account. Opportunity to view the system settings to view the list of targets and recommend targets. Important Not all possible criteria will initially appear in the detail targeting list. Start typing your desir interests and similar options will appear in the recommendation window. Review the settings and consider which of the suggest interests would be a good fit for you to take the test. Warm and cold audience It is very important to divide users relat to your product.

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Into old users and new audiences. New America Email Audiences Users you target using interests and other targeting.  the group of users who have already interact with you. Website visitors; Community subscribers; Advertisements view; Videos watch; Email newsletter subscriptions. Etc. Technical Standards Devices Segmenting your target audience by device is important when there are technical constraints for example your site may not perform well on  but display fine on . To determine this split analyze the conversion results in . sectors for increasing conversion rates. Clicks on mobile devices are often cheap but conversion rates are low. For example if the form on the website is too detail users don’t.

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