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 The quality of  screens improve interest in video will only grow. Take for example the statistics for   and  which are also evident on the Russian-language Internet. Videos are twice as likely to be view on a mobile device than on a computer. Of users survey in the UAE and the UK admitt they watch more videos in the past year. People spend twice as much time on video than other formats. On the web viewers spend twice as much time on videos than photos. According to a survey of U.S. residents for online shoppers video is the leading source for finding new products. Respondents from.

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Australia the  will watch more videos in the Cable and Pay Tv Services Email List future.  Live streaming is becoming more and more popular People always like to share experiences with others. Streaming makes it easy. In Russian-speaking countries this mia consumption trend is actively gaining momentum. The number of live broadcasts watch on the website has doubl compar to last year. One of every video on the website is live. The New Reality So far the lines between augment reality mix reality augment virtual reality and virtual reality have been rather blurr in viewers’ minds. But this does not prevent people from enthusiastically waiting for the.

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Development of the area. particularly America Email interesting and unprictable. of respondents believe it is becoming part of everyday life. of users are impress with the possibilities of using Shopping. Virtual reality is plann for checking out hotels and tourist destinations trying on clothes and makeup test driving cars attending concerts and other events. In this article you can learn about the trends and how the technology will evolve. New Realities Technological Developments Formats Dependent People consume content in different ways: listening to videos and working in parallel at the same time or conversely with the sound turn off and subtitles read. The company offers means to be contact by phone or messenger. Audiences love flexibility and the ability to.

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