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Week to last week. View Source: got the view from: subscribers  search channel private chat group etc. Subscriber Origin: There is slightly less information about subscriber origin than the metrics in the previous paragraph. Language: The primary language of your audience. Activity: Daily Views and Retweets. Statistics page view of the channel These indicators will help in the initial analysis of the audience check the interest in various publications or the effectiveness of advertisements on third-party channels and websites.

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Which services are suitable for channel China B2B List analysis not only to understand the data of the channel you are analyzing but also to compare it with competitors you should turn to statistics and analysis services. Consider the most famous and popular of them which help in a comprehensive marketing analysis of the channel. One of the largest services that only collects open stats on Facebook and conducts research on Messenger audiences. Data is updat once a day.  funnel by the following metrics: Subscribers Growth Rate Total Reach Reach of an Article Participation Rate Citation Index. You can also select a specific region country language or find channels bas on specific parameters such as reach or advertising costs.

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Each channel can be analyz in more detail: plot America Email the indicator you are interest in and display general data for that channel. Example poster using the service A service that helps analyze posts and blogs on various platforms including. It is especially helpful if you ne to analyze your competitors compare different social networks or evaluate individual publications in more detail to identify the most viral and effective ones. You don’t ne to be a channel admin to get data. The service displays the following analytics metrics: viewability of posts by content type by text length number of posts by text length number of posts by content type relative activities.

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