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Targeting audience profiling and gray promotion methods. We learn what parsers are how they work in different social networks and what tasks you can perform with them. What is a parser A parser is a script or program that collects sorts and analyzes information. Social networks contain large amounts of data. If you collect data on the right subjects and compare them properly you can solve different problems. But it is not possible to obtain this information manually. There is one that can achieve this. A set of functionality provid by  software products creat by third-party developers. It’s easier to understand with.

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An example in order to use electricity in Fabricated Metal Manufacturers Email List order  a complex system that supplies power to your apartment you don’t ne to use the entire system.  like an interface. Likewise anyone can develop a small parser application that uses data from a large platform at work. Given the openness that social networking has developers and marketers have many opportunities to create and use services and applications in conjunction. One of the most useful and frequently crawl features on the web is the rirection tool. They collect lists of users bas on given criteria. These listings can be upload to an ad account and set ads on it. The rirection service can receive a list of users subscrib to a specific group and subscrib to.

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Multiple groups at the same time; a list of America Email communities curat by the user; Data and links from user pages soulmates children parents and other social networks; all messages containing a specific request; activities in posts albums videos likes comments retweets. and other data. There are dozens of rirection tools on the market. They differ in price and features but are equally limit in features they all follow. Differences in tools can only be explain by developers looking to improve products and creative solutions using standard features. You can read more about.

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