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Categories build that audience engagement graph. The analysis here is broader than the built-in stats so it can be analyz in depth. Now the tool is free to use how it works with . In Analysis enter the full link of the demo account on which you want to collect statistics. Click to select the desir account from the list. Then click Download.  posts from the select account. By default sort by likes top is the post that collect the most likes. Sort fes by any criteria likes retweets comments or chronologically by post date. The right column contains general information about the account during the analysis period the total number.

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Of likes retweets and comments the number South Africa B2B List of books and the number of subscribers for the account. To get this data in an expand form  and presentations click Show Table. Data on the load configuration file From here the data in the format can be download. If you select multiple accounts in the first stage this section compares them in terms of key engagement metrics. There is also a comparison download table plac in its left column where you can get more detail information about what is active in your account Engagement by select day of the week; Engagement by time of day; Points by date Like comment and retweet the chart.

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Charts are especially relevant for the America Email effectiveness of books with a hashtag number of books with different hashtags; average of posts containing a particular hashtag; average performance. Tag Analysis any convenient format image or . Hashtag Analysis Analyze Hashtags Hashtags Displays the number of posts that each hashtag has been triangulat Average performance data for a sub compar to posts for other hashtags. The report will help you evaluate which hashtags are most us in your or compare. Also view the performance of Publish Publish.

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