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Ad in the fe and when they click on it try on a product makeup or glasses for example. Augment reality in ads and a new Game of  showcas a new ad format a mini version of the game before install. Invite users to try your app before downloading. We believe that this format will appeal to a more interest and expensive audience users who will return to the app and make purchases there. New forms of advertising in-game advertising Mobile Business pages on mobile have provid a simplifi version for mobile devices making.

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Them easier to navigate and should improve Senegal Phone Number List engagement. Suggestions has start adding testimonials to a business’s business page to help  and see tips from friends who have visit the place. Restaurant Business Pages Recommend New Video Metrics At the end of the month the social network updat its video analytics and add new metrics that allow creators to better understand the effectiveness of videos and create content that engages more viewers. Updating video metrics is useful for people or you can use statistics from any page on Analytics. This way you can understand what and why gets more engagement and reach from your desir audience. Brand Lift Brand Lift analysis shows how advertising affects brand perception.

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How it works You’re advertising. To drive America Email awareness.  divid into two categories those who saw the ad and those who did not. Both panels conduct research on your brand. The results will show how advertising affects brand awareness and perception. Brand Lift will help you understand how your ads are affecting brand perception Video Creation Kit publishes regular research on the effectiveness of video creatives. Now we’ve launch a tool for advertisers who don’t have the funds for full-flg video production. In Video Creation Kit you can use templates to create movies from photos. Video Maker Kit Helps.

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