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Integration community-style posts on similar topics. This way you get proportions. For example look at the integration of ads in the ucation in the ucation community. The ad delivery on the adjustment. Made in the style of community content. advertisment. In it you can represent users bas on information from their profile gender age city of residence interests community subscriptions. Additional information about the user may also be receiv through the user’s actions on the social network. There are static ads suitable for community development event promotion video promotion and solving marketing problems.

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To attract customers and increase sales. Ads AT&T Email List If you belong to a user-defin audience ads appear in users’ news fes and books from subscrib friends or communities. These ads appear on the desktop and mobile versions of the site. A generic post looks like a regular post in the fe the only difference is that it’s mark as an ad. Target ad format A post with a button looks like a regular post but has a button with a call to action learn more buy call book etc. ad format uses a button to record a website ad text The main feature is that when the title of the ad is click  users are not brought to the community like other formats but to the website instead.

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Ads in Fe Formats for Target

To use this format you ne to be creat on the community. Instead of an image users see a call-to-action button with a photo at the bottom . Most records but when you click on it instead of going to an external site or a community on a social network the user goes to a questionnaire for the hair dryer. Ad block for collecting apps Ads on site pages In the America Email full version of the site users will see ads in the portal block below the menu. The following are small text graphic banners with clear types according to their destinationExternal Site Advertising BannerExternal Site CommunityThe mobile version of this site displays ads in stories. These are full-length ads meaning your ad will focus on the entire user’s screen so it’s harder to miss than wait. Ads in Stories Choose the audience your ad will appear on.

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