A proper understanding

Information presentation. Read reviews online Connecting with brands both offline and online and may try to use the product or service Make a purchase decision (Act) At this stage, customers are persuad by various information. that the brand has communicat to make customers interest and ask or search for information until it becomes a purchase decision At this stage, brands ne to always create good memories for their customers. The point of contact of customers in this fourth phase is the purchase of goods or services online. or through the store and after sales service Support (Advocacy) When a customer becomes a brand loyal custoIn doing business, there are often many factors that affect both positively and negatively on our business.

Environmental factors that

That we ne to consider before executing any Azerbaijan Email List business plan There are both internal factors as well as external factors. PESTEL Analysis is the analysis of external factors that affect our organization and business. which reflects both obstacles and opportunities for doing business, consisting of factors in various areas as follows: Political (P) Political factors that affect and business opportunities such as government policies. political stability political corruption International Trade Policy various tax policies, labor laws, trade restrictions, etc. Economic (E) Economic factors that affect and business opportunities such.

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Affect and business opportunities

As economic growth trends currency America Email exchange rate interest rate inflation unemployment rate, etc. Social (S) Social factors that affect and business opportunities such as the rate of population growth. average age of the population work attitude health consciousness Attitudes towards life, culture, etc. Technology (T) Technology factors that affect and business opportunities such as innovations that occur various research and development technological change awareness in technology automation technology The arrival of digital and AI, etc.

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