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With dozens of other audiences.  networks Via pixels install on the website A small code social network rirection pixel is install on the website. With its help the platform can determine which users visit your client’s website and then allow advertisers to place advertisements for these users. In order to preserve the user’s personal data the list of website visitors is not available for viewing. You can only use it in advertising intersecting.

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With other settings for example to target only Jordan Phone Number List website visitors who live in Moscow. Creating a retargeting pixel is very easy  select Pixels click the Create Pixel button. Enter the name and address of the site where the pixel will be install. Create a rirect pixel on After that place the pixel code on your website. On and to set up your ad on go to the Pixels section click Create Pixel and follow the installation instructions. If you have a customer database upload it to your advertising account to showcase special offers or announce new products. Here’s how it works You upload a list of user data such as their phone numbers. The platform checks which numbers link to people’s pages on social networks. The found pages are add to the rirection database.

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Advertisers again cannot view use the basis America Email receiv for rirection. The page doesn’t always have an active phone number associat with it so your rirect database will have fewer users than the original database. To create a retargeting audience you can upload a list of Mobile Phones; Email Addresses Mobile Device Identifiers and Mobile Device Identifiers. In and in you can also upload user lists. For this a parser is us to collect them. Save the audience of users who interact with your ad by interacting with the ad or your business page on social networks. Categorize them by interaction type and campaign they saw a promotional ad lik a promotional post saw a new series of ads click a link to a new series of ads On  saving.

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