10 Neon Audio Spectrums to Light Up

Whether you’re a DJ, a freelance artist or just a music lover who likes to create your own music, it’s time to present your tracks audiovisually and make them stand out more. Audio spectrums or music visualizers are the best option for this.

Presenting songs with a simple, flat cover is no longer as effective as it used to be. Nowadays, music visualizers are setting the trend with their multiple and varied animated effects. But the result is even better when it comes to a neon-lit audio spectrum.

Neon colors have always been a reference for dynamism

Thanks to which they have always highlighted Latest Mailing Database any product or object, and the digital world is no exception. Neon audio spectrums allow you to present your music track in a more interesting, flashy and original way, often emphasizing the visual presentation more than the song itself.

This time we want to introduce you to ten neon audio spectrums so that you can create a music visualizer and show off your song.

Build suspense and interest with this underground audio spectrum. Enter the tunnel where the hexagonal thresholds set the rhythm of your song and change color with each step. Enter your logo image, modify the text containers and present your new track in style.

Colorful cubes embossed walls and rhythmic ceilings this is what ‘Visualizer

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Neon Rhythm’ comprises. With this template your AMERICA Email song will be enhanced with color and dynamism. It has 4 different transition styles and a fifth combining the previous four.

Display with Pulsating Neon Shapes

The colorful pulsations of this visualizer will not leave anyone indifferent. The hypnotic movements of the small particles in the center of the template together with the warm neon colors will modernize your presentation. Just type the name of the artist and the title of the song and enjoy the magic!

Music Visualizer – Neon Loop

This option is ideal especially if you want to present a song in an extended version. The looped transitional style gives it an endless feel. It has polygon, triangle, spiral and square versions. Choose your favorite option, change the texts and let the tour begin!

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